Wednesday, April 20, 2011

gratitude for simplicity of matzah

For my matzah, I use papadum... it is affordable, accessible, wheat free, universal, and tasty!

I like that it is Round... and baked by hand, *un-uniform, tan/brown, and bumpy.

It is like the Moon I am watching carefully every night and some early mornings, and have watched closely every night leading up to the Holiday.

Pesach and Spring give me great joy, in this time of renewal and hope:

Hesed she'b'Hesed (from the daily Omer meditation);

Gratitude and Love, in Gratitude and Love...

Thank-you to all those I continue to make Seders, and be in this life with, now and in the future.


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring has Sprung!


 Dear Friends,
~   ~

 it is a green time of year

especially welcome here in NM

 I send my love and greetings

and some pretty things I have already made, attached

reasonably priced @ $40- $85 each

(& can be sent to you during Pesach)

  I invite you to look them over, and inquire for details (sizes & prices)...

I am happily living and working near Santa Fe

 and especially love being under the stars, in nature,

& getting to know my neighbors.

wishing you the peace of the holy days
and with hopes for peace

in the world, and in ourselves.

ken yehi ratson /so may it be,


yes, i even make cards!

10" moroccan low bowl, kiddush cup & tray;

 veggie-oil-burning lamps (use with wicks, provided)...

&, lamps in action!
hamsa-handwashing bowl

 and the bowl's reverse;

micaceous matzah tray, "baking" on rock... 

  cool ancient jewish amulet replicas

& beaded SW jewelry...

Clay Kodesh Arts and Learning
Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico
  for the finest in SW and jewish arts, visit