Thursday, March 22, 2012

Parents and Kids Pottery begins this week at Tierra Sagrada in La Cienega



Simple and elegant classes, honoring the 2000 yr.-old pottery
tradition of the Puebloan Southwest

at tierra sagrada studio, in beautiful la cienega:

10B Paseo C de Baca, Santa Fe, NM 87507

10 min south of Santa Fe,
call or write for best directions:
505 - 428 - 0668

30 year licensed arts educator and potter: creating community thru clay and culture

Parent & Children's classes begin this and every Sunday,
11:00am-12:30pm; younger children may work till 11:45, with story!
(feel free to bring snack)

We'll spend the first class introducing the ancient clay traditions of the SW; what is clay and what are potshards? then, working with micaceous clay, making either a simple pinch pot or for the youngest, as needed, a plaque or tile. (Some are much more oriented towards flat work at this age.) In this good spring weather, we can find textures outside to press into the clay; and parents can create a small vessel, for later outdoor firing, burnished and black, as in photo on top right.

Each Parent-child pair: $15/parent and $10 for each child;
Includes mat'ls, firing, and how to set up a clay station in your own home!

$100 for the 4 weeks

[ see below for school residencies and summer workhops, to come!]
Tierra Sagrada Southwest Pottery Studio and School:

Artist Residencies and Workshops in Clay and Culture for
Museums, Schools and Communities

Who I am:
Experienced and Licensed arts educator, and clay artist for over 30 years

What I offer:
From one hour to weeklong or weekend interdisciplinary workshops based in the in clay, culture and history of New Mexico: Science and Math-Integrated Standards.

Cost: (for public schools, only):
$25/hr. (up to 25 students): + $1/student for mat’l’s and firing;+ gas.


After-School, Camp and Small Group.Summer workshops also available:

 Please contact Lia directly, for references and information:
505 - 428 - 0668


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