Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring has Sprung!


 Dear Friends,
~   ~

 it is a green time of year

especially welcome here in NM

 I send my love and greetings

and some pretty things I have already made, attached

reasonably priced @ $40- $85 each

(& can be sent to you during Pesach)

  I invite you to look them over, and inquire for details (sizes & prices)...

I am happily living and working near Santa Fe

 and especially love being under the stars, in nature,

& getting to know my neighbors.

wishing you the peace of the holy days
and with hopes for peace

in the world, and in ourselves.

ken yehi ratson /so may it be,


yes, i even make cards!

10" moroccan low bowl, kiddush cup & tray;

 veggie-oil-burning lamps (use with wicks, provided)...

&, lamps in action!
hamsa-handwashing bowl

 and the bowl's reverse;

micaceous matzah tray, "baking" on rock... 

  cool ancient jewish amulet replicas

& beaded SW jewelry...

Clay Kodesh Arts and Learning
Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico
  for the finest in SW and jewish arts, visit


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